Suzy Sherer, MS, LMT

My path to Yoga & Massage Therapy began early in my life. My mother had many illnesses including back and neck discomforts. I was able to alleviate some of her pain through hands-on massage strokes, which she loved, claiming I had ‘magic hands’. I also assisted my father (a local dentist/oral surgeon) chair side, leading him to encourage my education towards medicine, surgery and healthcare.

During my teenage years, I took a course with friends in Transcendental Meditation. I found this practice so calming, that I decided to go deeper into meditative movement by enrolling in my first Yoga class during college.

As I developed my own personal Yoga and Meditation practice, I was also training in my early childhood development skills, both as a student and teacher in college and graduate school, and as a young mother.

In fact, during all three of my pregnancies, I found Yoga helpful in alleviating back discomforts and increasing my overall energy, and ability to withstand long and complicated labor and deliveries.

During my work as a Special Education teacher, I found Yoga and Creative Movement exercises to be a wonderful means for children to experience their bodies, developing balance, focus and self-control skills.

I decided to enroll in a month long Yoga-intensive teacher-training program. As I started teaching “grown-up” classes, I found that many folks experienced back and joint discomforts. This led me to pursue training in Massage Therapy leading to licensure & national certification. I found, as I did as a youngster with my mother, that these offerings were my “calling”, or “dharma” (in Sanskrit) on my healing arts’ path.

I absolutely love my work! As I witness folks feeling better in their bodies, hearts and minds, I am reminded of my past, and know I have reached my goal of promoting balance and well-being, planting seeds of healing in our world.

  • Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor (Advanced 500 hour)
  • Certified Kripalu Bodyworker
  • NYS Massage Therapist (License #012641-1)
  • NCTMB – Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
  • Reiki Levels 1 & 2 / Certified in Energy Balancing
  • M.S. in Elementary/ Special Education
  • Mother of 3